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Thread: Please review my website

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    Smile Please review my website

    I put in a request yesterday but realised that I omitted the url. Here goes again, my apologies,

    url: www.raski.co.za

    The website is designed as a general interest magazine site targetting retired and semi retired people who wish to continue working after retirement. The RASKI Network is a free service which acts as a shop window for people offering their skills.

    I would appreciate comment on content and website design please. I am 68 so I can take constructive criticism ;-)

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    Hi. Seen your page its insight is clean, but on the right side your tags consumes space you may want to elongate the size. and one more thing make your header logo be visual to eyes.
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    Hi please review my website. I need a critical evaluation of the same.


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    Quote Originally Posted by vikap10 View Post
    Hi please review my website. I need a critical evaluation of the same.

    Don't thread jack. Start your own thread.

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    Either my internet connection is on the fritz or something on you site is making the loading really slow. In fact, it's taking such a long time to respond that it's not loading successfully at all.

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    Hahaha very nice name!

    Very plain in layout, which bores me to death, but at least it displays properly.

    However my major criticism is your website is not fit for purpose at all. Your target market are elderly people, perhaps technophobes or novices.

    I didn't feel the page was intuitive or easy to use, so how can an old person navigate it? Their eyesight will be worse than mine, so imagine how much they will struggle to read the text.

    Think of old people like grumpy children. They don't want to read text, they want simple to the point pictures or text showing them where to click.

    So for example, I would lay out a grid of rectangles, food and wine in one, travel guides in another, etc etc. Then they could click through on those. Some may be techie whizz's, but the majority will find a basic interface much more appealing.
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