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Thread: Is this possible ?

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    Is this possible ?

    Hi everyone.
    I'm a high school computer science student,
    i recently started to make my own website with almost 0 knowledge in HTML.
    so i was working on my web design and i was wondering.

    how do i write stuff on my website page,
    such as making a new post on the site,
    or adding a new page, writing paragraphs and adding pictures.

    Do i have to do these by writing the html codes?
    or is there stuff that i can add on to my website to allow me to edit them by login in to my website and edit it on the web not in Dreamweaver...etc

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    HTML = Hyper-text Mark-Up Language. The HTML <tags> contain structural semantic instructions to browser about how page is constructed. You add CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) style rules for display instructions.

    HTML and CSS are text files so you can create them in a plain text editor (not a word processor, which adds its own markup). Dreamweaver is one of the most helpful editing tools.

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    for example websites like this http://na.leagueoflegends.com/
    they have many posts about the updates and new stuff coming out and etc

    for them to add those new post in there.
    do they have to go into code editors like Dreamweaver to make a new post .
    or is there a way to do that by login in to the site as an admin and make a new post on the website itself instead of goinging to dreamweaver...etc

    or like Blogger.com
    users can post stuff without going into coding and all that.
    is that possible to do on my own website ?
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    You might want to start with something like Wordpress (blog). You can get started without much knowledge of coding, but learning to code will help.

    Search for getting started with wordpress.

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    I'm going to safely guess the LOL and Blogger site all have server-side scripting backed by a database. Most likely PHP and MySQL. You can technically use something like Dreamweaver and update things purely with markup, but you are doing more work than necessary.

    I would get a decent grasp of HTML and CSS before moving on. After that look into PHP/MySQL and adding in JavaScript/jQuery as needed. A tool like XAMPP let's you run a web server on a PC so you can develop stuff on your PC to try things out. If you have Dreamweaver, you can use that, but I prefer the PHP flavored version of Eclipse Helios.

    For basic PHP/MySQL books, my current favorite is Beginning PHP 5.3 by Matt Doyle. Follow that up with PHP Objects, Patterns and Practice by Matt Zandstra. Doyle writes for Elated with some tutorials there. He does do a CMS(content management system) in an afternoon series, but it's still missing basic stuff that I would add before putting it online, and I have minor issues with some of the organization of the code. Since you are 100% new, your head will likely be swimming a little in his stuff so I might recommend his book first when you feel ok with HTML and CSS.

    P.S. Doyle in his book recommends getting a web server by simply installing Linux/Ubuntu. Even as a fan, that's overkill. He does point to XAMPP in the CMS in an afternoon article.

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    i do have a hosted website online right now. (http://oxtis.com/)
    but there inst much on it, since im new to website designing.
    so i guess ill put this idea aside for now and try to learn more about HTML and CSS

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    After a quick pass through you code, try to avoid empty tags unless they are empty by default, ie <img> tags. The multiple <br /> tags can be removed and the spacing handled via CSS. If you use background images to display text, make sure you make a way to display text if CSS is disabled. Header type of data can be handled via actual header tags, aka <h1>-<h6>. The body bottom is likely just a footer section.

    You'll want to rethink how you do the main background image. It's 1.55MB in size and takes a long time to load. I would repeat a smaller sample of it so it loads faster.

    This is a good reference. Make sure you understand why certain tags are used versus others.

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    Don't give up on your site. Use it as a test bed to learn things on. For example, the background graphic is slow to load. There are things you can do about this:

    1. If you have access to Dreamweaver, then presumably you also have access to Fireworks? Fireworks is an excellent graphics editor that will even build GIF animations (as an alternative to Flash) that work on all major platforms. It has excellent optimising functions for JPEG files.. My (somewhat ancient) version of Fireworks even tells you how long the file would take to download to an old non-broadband system, which is a good guide.

    2. Instead of downloading a large repetitive background image, cut the graphic down to just one element and repeat it horizontally and vertically. If you want to restrict the background to an area of the screen, set up a div to define the area and put the graphic in the background of that.

    3. Find good HTML and CSS references/tutorials on the web and refer to them whenever you have a problem.

    Good luck!

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    I use fireworks all the time to optimize and resize images for web use. Books that you can also look into are Sam's teach yourself HTML/CSS in 24 hours and Sam's teach yourself PHP/MySQL/Apache. Things just take time to learn. Practice will make perfect and the more you use certain things building websites the easier they are to remember for future projects. Now on the website in my signature that I built uses Databases to create and post new News stories, images, links, etc. Basically allowing the owner of the site to fully take control of their site without ever having to know HTML.

    Also on the site is an Iframe that links to his Blogger account allowing him to post things straight from blogger to the site as well. PHP and MYSQL will allow you to do alot with websites when it comes to dynamically creating pages and content. Also look into TinyMCE for adding content as well once you build an admin section for your site. Learn to hand code your site if possible. It will allow you full control over every element. I use Dreamweaver but not for design view. I use it only for code view and to have the ftp client built in as well saving me some time in having to use filezilla. It may seem tempting to use pre made code but don't do it. If you find yourself using the same code alot on your site make a snippet of it in Dreamweaver or create a template or an include file in php. Just some things to think about. Good luck with your website. Its already turning out very nice.
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    WYSIWYG editors will never beat my hand written code!!!! Learn to do it in notepad and learn how to actually control your website! Current Project http://www.jmcanineservices.com

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    Lastly, some suggestions:

    1. I suggest that you should resist the temptation to build your web site on line. I strongly recommend setting up a development area offline and develop there. Update the web site from the development area once the code is stable.

    2. Set up another area to archive old versions of your site. It can be very frustrating to make changes that go wrong, or you just do not like, and have no step-back ability. E.g.

    a. I develop my Ember Websites site in www/Ember/.

    b. I have a separate folder EnberOld to which I periodically copy the development area. So EmberOld/Ember contains the same files as www/Ember.

    c. Then I rename the copy to distinguish the version. E.g. EmberOld/Ember may be renamed to EmberOld/Ember101.

    3. One problem to watch out for when developing off-line on a Windows system is that Windows file names are not case sensitive. I.e. "ThisFile.EXT" and "thisfile.ext" are the same. But if you web server is running Linux, they are different. So if you find that links that work correctly off-line, or images that appear off-line do not work/appear on line, check for wrong case names.

    4. Oh, and always put graphical and other binary files in a separate sub-directory, to segregate binary files (.jpg, .gif, .pdf etc...) from your text files (.html, .php, .css, .txt etc...)
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