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    New to JS

    I'm working on a site that requires users to click a button which takes them out to paypal. When paypal has completed and re-directed back to the site, I then need to disable/lock the button that the user clicked originally. However, if for any reason the paypal process was cancelled (eg....credit card maxed out, whatever).....I require that the button is left enabled/open to a different user.

    Not sure if the above makes sense but as my javascript knowledge is limited, I was hoping someone here could help out........please.

    I suppose another question is .....am I on the right track by thinking jscript is the way to do this or should I be looking at something else ..... ?

    By the way, the site is done in dweaver.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    if you want to integrate paypal on your site you might want to start looking on the site of paypal for some tips


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