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Thread: 4 or more counters

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    4 or more counters

    Hi, i have 5 boxes on the home page of my site that need to display count down timers in the following format

    02D 07H 54M 33S

    The problem is that the 5 boxes are randomly generated and the they all are counting down from different times.

    I am not sure how to handle this as i need to set 5 different times and link them to each box for each count down timers.

    Has anyone come across any code that covers this, thanks in advance fo your help... it would be much appreciated...

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    They are the same timer yes? Then simply keep the timer in seconds and convert it into minutes, hours and days for display.
    s = count%60 = seconds
    m = ((count-s)/60)%60 = minutes (among other ways)

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    Hi, thanks for your reply... no they are different timers... e.g

    Box 1 - needs to countdown from 12:00 08 May 2012
    Box 2 - needs to countdown from 17:30 04 Apr 2012
    Box 3 - needs to countdown from 09:30 01 Apr 2012
    Box 4 - needs to countdown from 14:00 29 Mar 2012
    Box 5 - needs to countdown from 19:45 27 Mar 2012

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