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Thread: data not set in $_post array after javascript submit

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    data not set in $_post array after javascript submit

    I am trying to test "posted" values from a form that has been submitted from a JavaScript function.

    The following code should submit the form:
    do I have to do anything to get data in to the $_post array. this form will be processed by PHP

    below is the code I have so far

    function prep_password()
    var password;
    var hash;
    password = document.myform.passBox.value;
    hash = calcMD5(document.myform.passBox.value);
    password = calcMD5(hash + document.myform.salt.value);
    document.myform.passBox.value = password;
    document.myform.sub.value = "submit";
    var data = $('myform').serialize();
    $.post("index.php", data);


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    If this code is within a PHP page and not an external .js file (it won't work if it's in a .js file, as only .php files are processed by the PHP server), then you need to prepend all PHP functions with <?php and append them with ?>, because JavaScript does not recognize PHP code.
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