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Thread: Please review my site!

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    Hi please can you review my website and let me know what you think thanks.


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    - Home page is "ok." Not sure about the blue line at the bottom of the menu.
    - Modified Cars page needs to have the images of the cars to be the same or they look off. Also add in the size of the images to your markup so the page loads with everything spaced out correctly before all of the pics load.
    - Might help to put at least some sort of token post in each section of the forum, or just make one link for the form as a whole. Going to a page that is essentially empty is bad.
    - Links page has a big gap in it. I would standardize how you do the links. One is just an image, the others are purely text.
    - Not sure why the about us page has what looks like randomly bolded words.
    - You need to use some spacing on the login type of page and then line up the form and facebook login.
    - For the gallery, you have a bunch of text that is only displayed when somebody hovers over the image. The much info should be displayed on the page.

    As for code
    - I would say somewhere around 95% of the code on your page is CSS that should be externally link. You are just adding needless bandwidth and load times doing it that way.
    - You have a <a> tag after the closing </html> tag so I'll safely assume your code won't validate either.


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    Your homepage look nice, though same with @spufi about the blue line.. Also on the top left where your contact us had make the colors visible to the eyes
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    Modified Cars page needs to have the images of the cars to be the same size
    Fixed since I can't edit my post.

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