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    Unhappy Basic Help Needed!

    Hi, Im new to javascript and this forum and was wondering if someone could help with this issue;

    This is the html/php element (within a form called orderForm)

    HTML Code:
        echo "\t<div class='item'>
                <span class=gameTitle>{$book[gameTitle]}</span>
                <span class='relYear'>{$book['relYear']}</span>
                <span class='genDesc'>{$book['genDesc']}</span>
                <span class=’price’>{$book['price']}</span>
                <span class='chosen'><input type='checkbox' name='game[]' value='{$game['gameID']}' title='{$game['price']} id='price' /></span>
    All I'm wanting to do is to add up the total of the selected game checkboxes. I find JS quite tricky to get my head around. So far I have this (don't laugh);

    function totalPrice(price)
    var money = document.orderForm.price.title;
    var working = 0;
    var total = 0;
    if (price.checked)

    I've been at this for hours and haven't made any head way, any ideas are welcomed!

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    For checkboxes and radio buttons, I find a helper function to be very useful.

    Here is one that I use in a demo on my site @ http://wwwjasondahlin.com/2011/codin...validation.asp

    function getCheckedValue(radioName) {
        var radioObj = document.getElementsByName(radioName);
            return "";
        var radioLength = radioObj.length;
        if(radioLength == undefined)
                return radioObj.value;
                return "";
        for(var i = 0; i < radioLength; i++) {
            if(radioObj[i].checked) {
                return radioObj[i].value;
        return "";
    You pass it the name of the checkbox (or radio-button group) that you want the value for, and it returns either a value or (blank).

    If you have checkboxes named cbx1 and cbx 2 and the value for each is a number, you can get the sum of the checked checkboxes like this:
    var valCBX1 = parseFloat(getCheckedValue(cbx1)) 
    var valCBX2 = parseFloat(getCheckedValue(cbx2))
    var total = valCBX1 + valCBX2;

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