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Thread: How to make variable size div using php?

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    How to make variable size div using php?

    I have div section in my website where i place my contents.Below that div section i have three div which contain
    1> Facebook,twitter,google+ like buttons div section
    2> comments div section
    3> copyright div section

    The problem with this is that i need to make height adjustment of all the above four div sections according to the length of article in the conent div section.

    I found a solution a solution to this that use overflow:auto in the conent div section,but the problem with this is the ugly scroll bar we see when content overflows.

    Can anbody plz help me how to adjust the height of all the div sections using php, as i need to show my project in college

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    Use CSS -> height:auto;

    Also if you wanna go deep into actual 'variable sized' elements, run away from pixel sizes, google around for "responsive design"

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    thanks a lot

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