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Thread: Help with API

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    Help with API

    I have this big headache: I was asked to set up a webstore and I was looking at Volusion and BigCommerce to be quick and easy. Later on Iím told that there is another company involved that will take care of the orders and the shipping. So now this new company needs a flat file with the orders. And they need it on an FTP server where they can drop a script to retrieve these orders once a day.
    What is the best way to achieve this, considering I have no server side coding skills and no API experience?
    Do Volusion and BigCommerce allow for this kind of integration?
    Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    Is this posted in the wrong place, or nobody knows the answer?

    I mean, there must be an answer...

    Thanks again,

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    The question is best answered by Volusion and BigCommerce unless somebody here has experience with either system.

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