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Thread: passing data from html to xsl variable

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    passing data from html to xsl variable

    Hi all,

    i'm new to xml but i was wondering if the following is possible:
    I have a html document with some tabs. And when i click on a tab it opens a xml document. In the xml document is alink to xsl sheet with a variable and i want to change that variable with the value of the link in html document. Does some one nows how?

    html link:

    <a href="#t1" target= "t1" title="[link title]">11</a>

    <div class="sliderkit-news" id=t1><iframe name="t1" width="100%" height="800" src=wo.xml></iframe>

    xml variable
    <xsl:variable name= "line" select="'11'"/>

    The number 11 should come form the a href in the html doc.

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    No one can help me?

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    Okqy does some now if this is possible then:

    <xsl:variable name= "line">
    <option value="'11'">11</option>
    <option value="'12'">12</option>
    <option value="'13'">13</option>

    I want to fill the variable with a drop down selection. and then use the variable in the document.

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