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Thread: Sendig information from a div

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    Sendig information from a div


    I am just planning a home page, and I did hit a problem. There are many class in the page, and I'm using AJAX for one of them to send / recieve informations from the server in every seconds.

    The main reason is for using a different div for this, I don't want to refresh the whole home page, because it would be unuseable.

    What I want to do with this div, when there is a little changing in the database, I want to reload the whole homepage automatically, to let that handle the changing, but I cannot control this from that div.

    I tried the javascript method refresh(), and also I tried the HTML refresh meta-tag, without any fortune (the html tag worked only in chrome, but not in firefox)

    I want to ask about is there any way to the page to reload when it changes (because ajax that div in the page is always changing)?


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    The following code was written on the fly, right into the post, so I make no promises that it works "as is". However, the concept is there, so it should still be semi-useful. It is also dependent on the JavaScript library jQuery, so if that isn't included, it won't work.

    Basically what this does, is compare the post title contained in the <h2> with the one stored in the database. If the titles are different, then the PHP code sends updated data to the JavaScript, which populates the existing <div> with the updated information. Again, not really the best way, but I'm just trying to show a concept here.

    HTML Code:
    <div id="current_info">
        <h2 class="post_title">Post Title</h2>
        <p>Couple random paragraphs #1</p>
        <p>Couple random paragraphs #2</p>
        <p>Couple random paragraphs #3</p>
        <p>Couple random paragraphs #4</p>
    A javascript BBC would be really useful right about now.
        // setInterval repeats the provided function until clearInterval() is called.
            // jQuery AJAX FTW!
                url: 'process.php',
                type: 'post',
                data: {oldTitle: $('#current_info h2.post_title').text()},
                dataType: 'json',
                success: function(response)
                    // If there's nothing coming back, then something is wrong.
                    if (!response)
                        return false;
                    // If the post is new (updated) keep going.
                    // response.status will be 'current' if the post is not updated.
                    if (response.status == 'updated')
                        // Clear the old post.
                        // Add the title.
                        $('#current_info').append('<h2>' + response.title + '</h2>');
                        // Add the post content.
                        // Success!
                        return true;
                    // This would most likely be the response 'current'.
                        return false;
        }, 10000); // Repeat this every ten seconds.
    This is 'process.php', assumed to be in the same directory as the html. You can change the name of the script and its location here $.ajax({ url: })
    PHP Code:

    // Get some stuff from the database, and make sure it's sanitized!
    $result $database_result;

    // The post displayed on the page matches the one in the database. Forget it.
    if ($_POST['oldTitle'] == $result['title'])
    $updated['status'] = 'current';

    // Format the return data.
    $updated = array(
    'status' => 'updated',
    'title' => $result['title'],
    'post' => $result['post']

    // Send it back to the JavaScript.
    echo json_encode($updated);
    That should about do it. Good luck.

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