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Thread: IF statment and drop box

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    IF statment and drop box

    Hi, I want the drop box to change demendant on the passeddata value, but this wont work, any help

    function car() {
    passedData = urlGet();
    document.date.lpag.value = passedData['car'];
    var lala = document.date.lpag.value
    if (lala == "G" ) { document.date.car.options[document.date.car.selectedIndex].value= "G" }

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    You may have to run a loop to find when car.options.value=='G'
    then, car.selectedIndex=i

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisboots View Post
    i think you are trying to use options (an array variable) as an object of the "car" element. this won't work as it is logically incorrect. if the list box element can be directly accessed (i'm assuming it's document.date.car) then document.date.car.value can be set to the value of the option element and the value of the listbox will change accordingly.

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