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Thread: SQL Manage Studio Express 2005/2012

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    Question SQL Manage Studio Express 2005/2012

    Hi all,

    I have a SQL Server 2005 x64 install on a Domain DC,

    And now I need some Windows 7 Client can connect to it see some DataBase Table for development etc using.

    I am new on MS SQL.

    Since I don't want to open the DC admin and pw for this general user.

    How do I

    1. Add a "GENERAL User" account in MSSQL 2005 as read only to some DB with all table under this DB for safe reason.

    2. On client side Windows 7 x64, Do I just install the Express version SQL management Studio 2005, or 2012 for this user is okay for him to connect by above new user account and have a GUI interface to the MS SQL Server 2005?

    Thank you.
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    On your SSMS create a user/login. Then set the permissions
    Good Luck

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