I've got a bit of a conundrum.
I'm doing a consulting gig where we started out documenting workflow processes
via capturing screenshots with powerpoint. It was easy and the girls were familiar with it. (I wrote an autohotkey script). Powerpoint also makes it nice to view full screen.
The problem is that the processes grew to over 100 and now it has become unruly to maintain. (we add meta data to each process for analysis purposes)
I'm thinking a database. Access? MYSQL?
  • girls on different machines in different departments should be able to input screenshots and a text explanation
  • some sort of form to guide their input (they enter all kinds of irrelevant data otherwise)
  • to be able to display the content in a powerpoint or similar presentation(we actually uses OpenOffice since many machines didn't have powerpoint)

A few years ago I did quite of bit of coding SQL for a MS SQL DB. (but I may have forgotten a lot of it)
Any help appreciated!