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Thread: what are the skills required to build dynamic web sites

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    Question what are the skills required to build dynamic web sites

    i want to be able to build a "pro grade" dynamic web site myself , so from what i know (from my general computer knowledge) is that i will need:
    client site scripting language : the one i know is javascript
    server side scripting language : most commonly ASP or PHP along with a database like MSSQL server or Mysql
    graphic design knowledge : most commonly Photoshop

    (flash was dropped on purpose)

    the question is :anything else missing from the list ?

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    While there are a lot of things that fall under the graphic design aspect(anything visual) and you can add in the user experience, the list is pretty good. I would add in Ajax as it is a combination of client and server side scripting.

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    Also adding to what you mention, it is also very useful to use subversion tools to help you track your source code. SVN and GIT should be looked into.

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    I suggest you look for a better IDE software, like Adobe Dreamweaver and not just a notepad, this will save you a lot of time from coding. you may also get interested in some other technology (although not everytime you need this but may help you to enhance your application), like AJAX, XML, SOAP, JQUERY.

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