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Thread: Retreiving data on page scroll down event

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    Retreiving data on page scroll down event


    I have developed an web application which display top blogs added by the user to that website.
    I am displaying data in gridview. i have given pagination to gridview.
    Now i want that "if i scroll down the page, then gridview automatically expands.
    Ex: Initially it contains 10 records, when i scroll down page at bottom it should show me next 10(Total 20) record, again when i scroll down it should again show me next 10(Total 30) records without refreshing the page.
    This is just like facebook, when you scroll down the page it automatically shows you older posts.

    If anyone knows how to do this, Please reply...


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    Do you mean java or javascript? If you really do mean java, what framework are you using that provides a gridview object?

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