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Thread: [RESOLVED] Struts Beginner - Need help debugging an error

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Struts Beginner - Need help debugging an error

    I am going through what are for the most part simple Struts examples and tutorials on my company's Intranet.

    I am however running into an error with the following block of code and I am hoping for help in determining where I have gone astray.

    <&#37;@ page contentType="text/html; charset=UTF-8" %>
    <%@ taglib uri="/tlds/marketmaker.tld" prefix="dr" %>
    <%@ taglib uri="/tlds/struts-bean.tld" prefix="bean" %>
    <%@ taglib uri="/tlds/struts-logic.tld" prefix="logic" %>
    <%@ taglib uri="/tlds/struts-html.tld" prefix="html" %>
    <%@ taglib uri="/tlds/jdo.tld" prefix="jdo" %>
    <%@ taglib uri="/tlds/string.tld" prefix="str" %>
    	  <logic:if name="calendarBean" property="month" op="equal" value="June">
    	  <logic:or name="calendarBean" property="year" op="lessEqual" value="2012"/> <!-- Note self-closing -->
    	  <logic:or name="calendarBean" property="day" op="equal" value="Friday"/>
    		  <p>At least one condition above is true.</p>
    		  <p>None of the conditions are true.</p>
    I'm getting at error at line 11, just before the first <logic:if> tag and I presume it is because a bean must be properly defined.

    I tried the following three variations of <bean:define and keep coming up with the same error.
    <bean:define id="myCalendarBean" name="calendarBean" />
    <bean:define id="myCalendarBean" name="calendarBean" />
    <bean:define id="calendarBean" name="myCalendarBean" />
    <bean:define id="calendarBean" />
    So I guess this boils down to two questions.

    1) Am I right about defining a bean first and 2) what am I doing incorrectly in the previous four <bean:define> declarations listed above?
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