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Thread: Microsoft Installer Doesn't Work

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    Microsoft Installer Doesn't Work

    This issue does not apply to web development, however, I was unable to find a more suitable forum.

    My operating system is Windows XP Professional SP3

    I am trying to install the cdo.dll file via a MSI file (ExchangeCdo.MSI) that I downloaded from Microsoft. I was very careful to remove and unregister all versions of cdo.dll that were located on my C drive. I ran the MSI file and it seemed to execute successfully (it asked me to approve the license agreement, a bar filled across the screen, it finished at a "installation successful" screen) but the cdo.dll file was nowhere to be found on my C drive. I co-worker using the same MSI file with the same OS had the same result.

    Can anyone offer any guidance towards overcoming this problem?

    Thank you very much...


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    On further inspection, the issue appears to be associated with the cdo.dll file being installed and not the microsoft installer. Could it be that the installer detects cdo.dll to already be installed? I unregistered and deleted the copies I found on my hard drive - the installer still did not install cdo.dll. Do I need to delete registry entries? What other characteristics could there be pertaining to cdo.dll which would prevent the installer from installing it?

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    Your quite a ways behind using Windows XP my friend, maybe it's time for an upgrade?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vancouver View Post
    Your quite a ways behind using Windows XP my friend, maybe it's time for an upgrade?
    Silly comments like that don't help my fiend, do they?

    1: Exchange 2007 is compatible with XP, hence no technical limitations.
    2: A technical answer to a question isn't just to tell the user they must upgrade to stay with the times, when they don't need to. There are perfectly valid reasons for using w2k/xp and as operating systems, while they may not be as new as vista/win7/win8, they are miles better in terms of stability and documentation. I still use dos boxes. Does that mean I am behind with the times? No, they do jobs that more modern OS's cannot do as well on the same resources.

    Anyway back to jcalder:

    - I assume you are trying to use exchange 2007 or 2010 from the filename in your posts?

    - You fail to state what the original error was and what your are trying to do but I hazard a guess at CDO errors because it isnt installed or problems with extracting data out of reports? You need to be more explicit.

    However in anticipation of the above perhaps being the case, I googled a helpful page which shows you modification of office and someone has been so kind as to provide a CDO fix as well.

    Try reading through that page as it may help you further. If you still cannot resolve it afterwards, please post back but provide as much detail as you can.

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