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Thread: problem with Appear/Fade pop ups, html4

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    problem with Appear/Fade pop ups, html4

    I'm having a problem with Appear/Fade on the page at http://gcodisplays.com/content/howRev3.html . (html4 code, in Dreamweaver CS5)

    I have copies of a small jpg at the end of each of three text sections on the page (the image is the word "more" in blue). Each copy of the image is linked to its own pop up, which fades in over the column of 'normal' text adjacent to it (the 'more' at the bottom of the left column pops up information over the right text column; the two other 'more's, in the right column, pop up information over the left text column.

    The pop ups fade in at 800 miliseconds and fade out at 300. Visibiliy for all three pop ups is set to hide; the z index is at 100 (above everything else on the page); triggering is fade-in on mouseover; fade-out on mouseout.

    The performance of these pop ups is erratic at best. The two 'more's in the right column don't work at all (nothing happens on mouseover). The one on left sometimes works as expected, but other times the pop up doesn't disappear when you mouse off of the 'more' image, particularly if you move the mouse fast, or move 'down' the page from it. Sometimes it also looks like it's taking the browser a little time to figure out what to do with the pop up -- it take more than one mouseover to get anything to happen.

    Help greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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    The mouseout is not triggered for the icons on the right because that section is covered by the pop-up image as soon as the mouseover is launched.
    The solution will be to attach a mouseout to the pop-up image as well or better yet position the op-up image on left column instead.

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    contrinuing problems with Appear/Fade pop-ups

    holyhttp -

    Took your advice and got the page running from your suggestions by putting the pop-up above the on-click buttons on the main page (thanks). Everything works fine the first time thru (click on the 'learn more' in the left column, close the resulting pop-up, then click on the topmost 'learn more' in the right column, close, then the third... etc.).

    Unfortunately the whole thing falls apart if you then click on the 'learn mores' in almost any random order (easier to ask you to simply try it yourself than to explain the symptoms, since they vary depending on the order you click them - I'm guessing you'll know what's happening pretty quickly).

    I've been playing whack-a-mole to try to solve the problem for the past 5 days. It seems suspiciously similar to the initial problem I had, but somehow I'm just not seeing what's wrong now. Again, help appreciated.

    The page is at http://gcodisplays.com/content/howRev7.html .
    The code for the three 'learn more' buttons is at lines 274, 285, and 295 respectively.
    The code for the three 'close window' buttons is at lines 305, 316, 328 respectively.

    Again, help appreciated. - Jim

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