hello there,
I am new to this forum and bit new also to javascript. I recently got an assignment for facebook application that goes this way.
1. Normal image slider. User should be able to pick any image from the slider. The images is located at server.
2. Another image slider in which user should be able to view the photos from his album or his friends album.
4. Drag and Drop script is required to select photos from both sliders.
5. First image should not be made editable but for the second image(from facebook album), user should be able to crop, zoom and resize, rotate and he should be able to save the combination of both images.
6. An example: We'll have tea-cup gallery, user selects one of the tea-cups from slider, after that user selects photo from his album and attach the image with our cup. User can rotate, zoom, increase/decrease brightness of his image. After user finishes attaching and editing the image, he should be able to save in the writeable server folder.

Please help me do solve this page designing...