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    Super Cookie Help

    Hello All,

    I'm trying to develop a super cookie that helps give me better data to use for my business solutions. I'm very familiar with google Analytics and Adwords, getting my certs soon, but I need some more "Local" Informations that the two do not give. I would like the cookie to be able to track ip's coming from a variable, like google cpc. I'm not the best in java script and will continue to look around on google and try to piece something together. If some one can help...this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.


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    Quote Originally Posted by amorte View Post
    I would like the cookie to be able to track ip's coming from a variable, like google cpc.
    i'm confused by what you mean by your use of the word "variable" and not at all familiar with what you mean by "google cpc".

    first, javascript can not natively determine the IP address of any client. you must use some server side logic to get this information (SSI, PHP, ASP, etc etc).

    once that information is made available to Javascript, javascript can create a cookie which will store information for only the domain in which the javascript created the cookie in the first place.

    cookies are client-side. that means that each client has its own version of any given cookie. if you want to track a bunch of clients, you're doing this all on the server side someplace.

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