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Thread: js in AJAX div

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    js in AJAX div


    I have simple div. The pattern of my site seems like that:
    1)included css and js
    2)<div> ajax content (the above js is needed)</div>

    I have problem becouse ajax content doesnt see above scripts.
    Everything is working if include scripts for example jquery in div. But once more is necessary??

    1)included css and js
    included js(now its working but the same scripts once more)
    ajax content


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    Not to be critical, but your english is a bit rough to follow.

    I would suggest posting, at least, the parts of your code that are relevant to your problem (use the [CODE ][/CODE ] tags for easy reading). Code is language neutral and most here may be able to understand your problem better just by reading the code.

    Also your talking about an AJAX problem. These kinds of problems are a bit more difficult to diagnose, so make your questions more detailed. Multiple sentence explanations are a good thing. Remember we haven't the slightest idea what your trying to do. And even if we did there is variety of ways to approach almost any project. So any detail you leave out of your questions can lead to poor answers.

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    It sounds like (I think) his javascript is running before the page is done loading, and thus, doesn't see the div. Try adding your javascript once at the end of the body tag.

            <script src="" type=""></script>

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    tracking JS errors is very useful to find bug reasons
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