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Thread: Please review this website where the bounce rate is over 60%

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    Please review this website where the bounce rate is over 60%

    I was asked to introduce the two new blue menu buttons towards the top of the website for the client which i have and can be reviewed on www.altmedworld.net
    The client wanted the new menu buttons for better organizing of their website as now all information is available in one place. Previously there was a bounce rate of 60% for the website which still remains.
    Visitors are hardly viewing any of the menu buttons at the top at all.

    Can you please advise what shall be best to keep the attention of the visitors on the different pages (change of header / button re-positioning, etc.) to reduce bounce rate and to have visitors read more through the website.

    Any suggestions are welcome and would be highly appreciated.
    I do not know how to help the client through this such that visitors read more of the website, their website bounce rate reduces and eventually conversions increase.



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    For one thing, the header image is way too busy with multiple colored words. It's a bit overwhelming to start with. You have various gaps in your grid layout. The right side of the Contact Us feels empty. The list on the right side doesn't extend as far as it should and it leaves a two tone yellow look. The part just above the "About the Board" section is boxed in with no content.

    In general, this suffers from the same thing a website my parents want me to redo but the organization don't want to fix it at this time. It's a simple case of too much info. Case in point, You have two visible links to the contact page and they are virtually next to each other. You have duplicate links to the same page multiple times. You need to simplify and get rid of the redundancy. I wouldn't be surprised if you couldn't get rid of the "About the Board" section on the left, move the welcome section over, and then move up the stuff below it. The about and mission statement could easily be handled in the welcome part.

    Here's some links to colleges/universities here in the States. This should hopefully give you some ideas. One thing to note is the use of colors to help draw the user's eyes to certain spots. Outside of the rotating images, there's nothing really to draw user's eyes anywhere on your site.


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