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Thread: Please Review this website

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    Please Review this website

    I was the only one who worked on this website and I was on a deadline for a competition (2weeks litterly) I am now going to start updating more of it but there are some main points I want to change and I want to know if you agree.

    I think the background should be changed (Orange is my teams color) so I want it to stay orange but have a design in it so it becomes a white & orange or something.

    Also I think I should just remove the live chat page

    Also for the members pages I am wanting to make it so that when you hover over a students/mentors/alumni's name it shows the picture on their page, (I dont know how to do that so if anyone knows how please let me know)

    if anyone has comments on theses subjects or even another one please let me know.


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    You can match you menu bar on your heading image.
    I like the footer bar with the social media icons.
    I think orange and white can go well.
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    A white Content area can Go well.

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    Yes I relize that and i have been trying to find a way to have it so that just the area of content is white and the sides are still orange (I want to do it in the style sheet so I dont ahve to change all the pages loL)

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    You have two <body> tags. You only need one. Make the background for the actual <body> tag be orange and then the <div> that acts like a container can have a white background. Drop the table layout as well. Look up two column layout if need be. There looks to be a black bar behind the First image. You can kill the counter as well. The end user doesn't care. Any credible host should offer you those statistics.

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    I think that colors are too bright and you use "nuclear" colors. I suggest you to reduce brightness and orange color!
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