I am using Flowplayer with Javascript API and HTML control bar. It is dynamically loading the playlist using custom functions. Everything is working fine in all the browsers other than IE. In IE, the playlist is loaded but it is not playing in the player. I am using the following function to load the player.

window.onload = function() {
    var player = $f("audio", "swf/flowplayer.swf", {
        // don't start automatically
        clip : {
            autoPlay : true,
            autoBuffering : true,
            baseUrl : 'http://localhost/gaanaOnline/gaanaonline/',
                var p=this;
                dur = p.getClip().duration;
            onFinish : function() {
                setTimeout('player_next()', 10);
        onLoad : function(clip) {
        // disable default controls
        plugins : {
            audio : {
                url : 'swf/flowplayer.audio.swf'
            controls : null
    // install HTML controls inside element whose id is "footer"
this is initializing the player and calling the load_clips method.

function load_clips() {
        type : 'GET',
        url : 'category_details/playlistXml',
        dataType : "xml",
        success : function(response) {
            old_len = playlist_songs.length;
            $(response).find("song_details").each(function() {
                var song_name = "files/" + $(this).find("song_name").text();
                var song_id = $(this).find("song_id").text();
                var cat_id = $(this).find("category_id").text();
                var album_id = $(this).find("album_id").text();
                var category_id = $(this).find("category_id").text();
                    url : song_name,
                    id : song_id,
                    cat_id : cat_id,
            if (old_len == 0) {

This method load the playlist and pass it to a play function. The play function contains the following code.

function play_clip(id) {

where playlist_songs is the playlist array. Everything is loaded in IE and it is showing the song name and correct path. But it is not playing the song. When I checked with Developer Tools, it is loading only the flowplayer.swf and not loading the audio plugin. I think this is the issue. It is loading the audio plugin in Firefox and is working.

It will be a great help if someone can help me regarding this.. ?

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