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Thread: i need to add a roadmap & a blinked moving on it based on time alloted

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    i need to add a roadmap & a blinked moving on it based on time alloted

    Dear friends

    I want to show the Project phases in terms of roadmap & milestones
    My requirement is.i need a blinking dot which moves on the road map (Similar to
    the GPS system indicator on maps) this blinkes should move between milestones (or project phases) based on the alloted days between the milestones.

    Any Ideas or help.. i heard that it can be done using Javascript or flash

    Please some one help

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    I would not have thought that the time scales of a project were so short as to need real-time update? Also blinking dots can become annoying after a time! But anyway, my preferred option would be to use PHP. The distance along the timeline could be calculated by using the date("z") function. This returns the count of days in the current year. Then multiplying by, say, 3 produces an increment of 3 pixels per day. Sounds small, but if you work it out that allows you to display less than a year on a 1024 pixel screen width.

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