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Thread: Noob Question Re: Credit Card Retention

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    Noob Question Re: Credit Card Retention

    I recently paid a wireless bill via the carrier's online bill pay process. After successfully completing the transaction, it dawned on me that I was not provided the option to disallow the site to retain my CC information. Additionally, there is no procedure available for me to remove my CC information after the fact.

    I questioned the practice on the carrier's forum and was told:

    "it is due to the security and write/change access to the particular program this info is stored in. . . . and the wireless industry have a very strict CPNI (Customer Proprietary Network Information) data policy monitored and enforced by the FCC."

    Does this sound plausible? I'm not satisfied with that response. So I came here to get advice from the pros. What further inquiries might I pose with regard to the lack of ability to remove my CC information, where and how the info is maintained, how long, by whom and how secure it is?

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    The issue you have described seems unethical in my opinion. You should see if you can call customer service to see if you can get your credit card information removed if you handle it over the phone. I have never heard of other companies practicing this policy. I would like to know what ended up happening with this issue. Hope everything ended up alright for you.

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    I ran into a similar issue where a site would not take down my credit card information, and the way I dealt with the issue was by cancelling my credit card. It was really easy for me because I had just gotten approved for Pay Day Loans, and they gave me a new credit card.

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