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Thread: Simple IF Statement To Call Class

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    Simple IF Statement To Call Class

    Hi, i have just finished coding a design into html / css. I have spit the code up into php includes for the HEADER, NAVIGATION and the FOOTER

    I have coded my navigation so that when a tab (page) is selected from navigation it has a different style. I have declared this style in the css called .selected

    Can someone help me write a simple IF statement, that will work like this:

    IF the current page is 'contact.php' echo '.selected' ELSE do nothing

    I was hoping to past this IF statement into the code for each tab / button so it would use the .selected class if it was on that page, thanks in advance for your help...

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    I think you want JavaScript...

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    PHP Code:
    <p class='some classes <?php echo (basename($_SERVER["SCRIPT_NAME"]) == 'contact.php') ? ' .selected' ''?>'>foo</p>
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    Cool, thanks for that NogDog

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