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Thread: Where to start to create image gallery?

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    Where to start to create image gallery?

    Forgive me for not being prepared and for fumbling. Hoping for some direction quidance or just what to search for (tried "mobile device image galleries").

    I'm not aiming to design FOR mobile devices, but just trying to get regular Web site image galleries to be fluid enough to view on small mobile-device view port (see http://www.josephdenaro.com/bw/index.html -- just using CSS percentages).

    "Nice article" (http://coding.smashingmagazine.com/2...ve-web-design/) was helpful and one covering PHOTOSWIPE http://www.netmagazine.com/tutorials...mobile-website. Is PhotoSwipe the way to go?

    I've read that JavaScript is not supported on some mobile devices. How true or what percentage is that? Are basic JavaScript event handlers such as onMouseOver or onClick automatically [she hopes] translated into a swipe or press gesture?

    When the above BW page (which uses onMouseOver) was viewed in Adobe Mobile Device, clicking the thumbnails displayed large images.
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