Dear members, I've been losing hair over this one, need help! I found this jquery "tabs script" which also fades between the content DIVs. I want the 'Next' and 'Previous' DIVs to reside on the same page as the fading content (and it does right now) and this part is working. However the 'selectors link-section' at the bottom (DIV one, two, three and four) I want to move to another page (thumbnail gallery), giving me a thumbnail page, which when clicking on am images takes my to that specific div/img on page 2, showing the larger image and the next and previous buttons below it.
Does anyone know how to make such a link, like <a href="page2.html#specific img">Thumnail img</a> (that one of course doesn't work)
Grateful for any feedback. This is my script:

latest jquery.min.js + this jquery:

jQuery(document).ready(function() {

// initialise variables
var index = 0;
var nextIndex = 0;

// fade out current detail and fade in the next detail
fadeInOut = function() {
function() {
index = nextIndex;

// show selected detail
nextIndex = $('.selector').index($(this));

// move to previous detail
nextIndex -= 1;
if (nextIndex < 0) nextIndex = 3;

// move to next detail
nextIndex += 1;
if (nextIndex > 3) nextIndex = 0;

// initially show first detail


... And the HTML...

<div id="outer">
<div class="detail">First section</div>
<div class="detail">Second section</div>
<div class="detail">Third section</div>
<div class="detail">Fourth section</div>

<div class="selector">one</div>
<div class="selector">two</div>
<div class="selector">three</div>
<div class="selector">four</div>

Thankful for any advise. Best regards Kullman