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Thread: How To Post A Message On The User Wall Using Facebook Graph API

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    Question How To Post A Message On The User Wall Using Facebook Graph API

    Hi All!

    I was going through this tutorial (http://www.masteringapi.com/tutorial...-graph-api/33/) and was trying to figure out how do I post a message on my friend's wall using the FB Graph API.

    I was able to post messages for friends who have authorized my App (clicked on teh ALLOW button of my app) but I am not able to post on my friend's wall who have NOT allowed my app.

    So my questions are:

    1) Is it possible to post a message on a friend's wall who have not authorized my app?

    2) If yes, how do I do this?

    3) If no, then is there any alternate way? Actually I am trying to implement a feature in my application that will allow the users to invite their friends.

    Please suggest

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    I would be a very unhappy user if any application was allowed to post to my wall without permission. AFAIK, other applications with that spammy "invite your friends by asking for random digital crap to get them to sign up" junk I always delete appear to post just to the users wall rather than that user's friends walls.

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