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    BBC Radio

    Yes, Im very new to all this, in fact just weeks. Only discovered Java and its many hybrids since commencing my own Web site last week.

    So to my request. I assume I am looking for a Java script and if anyone can help out with a script I would appreciate it very much. I noticed on the BBC Radio 3 Web site they have an On air now reference at the top of the page. It obviously updates as each program arrives. I would like to have this on my own personal Web page. Can anyone help out or tell me it can or cant be done.


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    BBC Radio Wales joins the BBC World Service for a selection of news and current affairs, science and arts programmer to take you through the night.
    Listen BBC Radio from here http://www.fmradios.pk/bbc_news_radio.html

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    Hello, Abbas. How are things in Melbourne?

    Do you mean that you are streaming BBC radio onto your page and you would like to display the current BBC program the same as them?

    Or do you mean that you are streaming your radio onto your page and you would like to display the name of your currently playing program?

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