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Thread: Computer Test in a web browser

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    Computer Test in a web browser

    I am working on a website that will run several tests on a client's machine to determine if they have the appropriate specs for video broadcasting. Two of the specs given to me by my boss are processor and memory. I am trying to figure out a way to test the processor and memory within a web browser and report to the user if their machine matches the required specs. So far, the only thing I have dug up is 1,000,000 pages telling me it can't be done. Any advice on how this might be accomplished is greatly appreciated.

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    "Broadcast" can mean a lot of things. Are you testing for the ability to run some particular broadcasting software, like VidBlaster or Flash Media Live Encoder?... or some simple Web cam program?
    At the very least you will need to use some server side scripting to react with the viewers machine.
    Perhaps you could incorporate something like BelArc Advisor to do the audit, save the results as a web page and then report back to you.
    BelArc Advisor:
    But speaking as a longtime producer of both recorded and live Internet video, I'd be at least as concerned about the client's Internet connection speed as I would about the client's machine specs if you are intending to do any Live video broadcasting.
    A client could have the latest i7, 32GB RAM.... etc, etc on a DSL line and not be able to sustain a Live broadcast while another client could be on Windows XP, 512MB RAM on a 6Mb highspeed Internet connection and broadcast Live just fine.
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    Eye for Video

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    While not in a browser, but CPU-Z is an app that will give you the info you need. It wouldn't give you their connection speed though.

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