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Thread: Background image redraw issue?

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    Question Background image redraw issue?

    Hi folks,

    We have recently updated the look of our website, but I have ran into a testing issue, where the background appears to have a random redraw problem.

    Now ... I know the backdrop is quite large in filesize, but short of recoding the table structure, I tried to compress the image as much as possible, without losing 'visual' quality.

    So ... am I going about this the wrong way, or is there a script to fix the issue?

    Link: http://www.okanaganforum.com/ (same principle throughout the other site pages)

    All the best,

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    In IE8 Users specify this with a setting on the Advanced tab of Internet Options.

    There are also Accessibility settings to ignore background colors and images or set the default body color and background color.

    You will always get some 'flickering' in browsers if your specify background colors.

    Sounds like you have some legacy code with Frontpage transitions in them. Just remove them from your pages.


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    .. also changed all table/td height=??? width=??? to style="width:???px; height:???px" etc.

    Clearly, there are more tags to examine in order to have our pages display efficently on both IE and Firefox.

    All the best,
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    It's always a good idea to validate your code. Your page has it's share of errors and warnings.
    but 600kb for a large background is not THAT bad.
    An option to reduce size the image size would be to use two images....one, a top image of just the landscape down to the bottom of the grass, and a second, a tall, thin image of the just the cream colored section of the photo.
    Then set up a <div> that will hold two other <divs>, a top part 1660 x 800 or so to hold the landscape image as background. And then a bottom <div>, 1600 x 1400 or so uses the tall thin cream colored image and justs repeats it.
    It's a little extra work but it would reduce the file size of that very large background image, the bottom 2/3 of which contains no detail and could just as easily be a repeat pattern rather than part of the larger image.
    Best wishes,
    Eye for Video

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