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Thread: Performance: IndexedDB vs WebSQL

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    Performance: IndexedDB vs WebSQL


    While I was studying IndexedDB, I materialized my findings in a performance test between IndexeDB and Web SQL. I have added this project to github
    You can checkout a demo here
    To be short, WebSQL seems to be faster when not searching on the primary key. Furthermore, I noticed that IndexedDB needs some time to create its indices. For example, if I insert 100000 records I have to wait a couple of minutes before the lookup on the primary key is fast!

    I still however find the other results suspicious (indexedDB is very slow with (unique) index searches), so if anybody could review the code I would really appreciate it ?! Any suggestions to improve these tests would be appreciated!

    Please note that you have to test IndexedDB in Firefox and WebSQL in Chrome!

    Cheers Luca
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