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Thread: I need help with javascript menu!

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    I need help with javascript menu!

    Hi, I'm kind of new with developing websites and I've encountered a problem with my javascript menu. The menu works exactly as I want it to; when I press a button my Iframe changes and the button goes to the "pressed-down-state". However, if I click the back button in my browser the iframe goes to the previous page but the button doesn't change.

    I've attached my complete website that you can take a look at (link below). All the javascript code is in hemsida/Scripts/buttons.js and all the functions are called from the buttons in index.html and from the iframe, also in index.html, via an onLoad event.

    As I mentioned I'm pretty new to web development, and you'll notice that in my javascript file (it's chaotic), so I'd really really appreciate it if you could give me some feedback and perhaps improve my work a little x_x

    thanks for taking your time to read this far, I hope you can help!


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    javascript is all about doing things it's told. so you told javascript to change the iframe's address and to go the pressed down state.

    you'll notice that when you press back, you haven't told javascript to do anything. so that's why your button doesn't change. you didn't tell it to.

    i haven't worked with iframes in this capacity, but i imagine you'd have to manipulate the onload event (REF: http://www.w3schools.com/jsref/dom_obj_frame.asp) to then check with your button and make sure that it changes to reflect the current situation that you expect.

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