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Thread: The code isnt there when I go back, so I can continue.

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    The code isnt there when I go back, so I can continue.

    Hi, Im putting the code in on the site builder, and it displayed the text from the code input, but then how do I go back to carry on with the code, without having to type the whole <head> code etc, everytime I want to continue. there is no back button on the site builder,
    Because I click back on where it says on menu, Insert, then click html, but then when I go back, the code isnt there, just an empty box to start over again.

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    The application you're using must not keep the input populated when you go back to the page. Not sure if you can do anything about it. What program are you using?
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    Site Builder never was the best web editor. CoffeeCup's free HTML Editor is very good. Other selections you might want to try:

    Web Editors (PC):

    WebPlus Starter Edition – A Free & Powerful Website Builder For Beginners [Windows]: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/webplus...nners-windows/
    PageBreeze (Free visual (WYSIWYG) and HTML tag/source modes): http://www.pagebreeze.com/
    Serif WebPlus SE: http://myrtc.blogspot.com/2009/08/re...ebplus-se.html
    Notepad++ (Free source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages): http://notepad-plus-plus.org/ or

    Komodo Edit: http://www.activestate.com/komodo-edit
    Aptana Studio: http://www.aptana.org/products/studio2
    PSPad: http://www.pspad.com/
    jEdit: http://www.jedit.org/
    TextWrangler: http://www.barebones.com/products/textwrangler/

    Professional Software:

    You'll notice Dreamweaver is NOT listed. Overpriced and writes bad code.

    CoffeeCup's HTML Editor (Paid Version): http://www.coffeecup.com/html-editor/
    CC's Visual Site Designer: http://www.coffeecup.com/designer/
    Lot's of good, free stuff, too: http://www.coffeecup.com/freestuff/
    Xara's Designer Pro 7: http://www.xara.com/us/
    Xara Web Designer 7: http://www.xara.com/us/products/webdesigner/

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    Thanks a million Major Payne. Im using Kompozer at the moment. I have another question,. Ill open up a new thread.

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    I used Kompozer from the past also.

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