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Thread: MYSQL/ PHP Help

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    MYSQL/ PHP Help

    Hi Everyone,

    I have had some experience with PHP and MYSQL, but I am still very new and have a lot of learning to do. I am trying to write a program that will do the following:

    The user will sign in/ register, then be brought to their homepage. Once they get to their homepage, they can see their existing project and edit that information, or they can add a new project. All the project page will have is information that they will fill out. Each project page will have their own URL.

    I am having trouble as to where to start, especially setting up MYSQL databases. I was wondering how I should go about setting up the "Project" page in a database, and how to link it to the original account.

    Any advise would greatly be appreciated. Thank you!

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    For the project table, you are going to want at LEAST 3 fields.
    id | user_id | field_array
    You could make specific fields or you could uses PHPs serialize function. You probably would want to also have a last_edit_date column too, but it could work without out.

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    Well, I think you should start out looking at a few login scripts. That will help you setup that portion of the database / login functionality.

    The second portion would be the projects. This may be divided up into an administrator section for those users who can access a page that allows them to add / assign projects to specific people etc versus a basic user who can add notes.

    Honestly, this is a pretty big project for someone pretty new to PHP / MySQL. Maybe you might want to look into a CMS with a plugin for something like this? Just a suggestion

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    YOu dont think small do you!

    I suggest you scrap the idea of building it from the outset and instead break it into smaller projects that trains you to eventually make the big one.

    Start by a login screen that takes you to a secure area.

    Manage the logins with a SQL database.

    Have a play with AJAX

    Have a play with using objects and classes. Much better coding.

    First thing.
    if you havent already get WAMP up and running on your PC
    Download and install netbeans. I love my netbeans.

    BUild little projects and finish them!
    YOull find that each success adds code you can reuse.

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