First I would like to say that I'm very new to JavaScript, so perhaps I'm trying to do this the wrong way...

I have a shopping cart, and when a customer puts a product in the cart, a pop up shows to confirm this. But the problem is that I have a "mini-cart" on the side of the webpage that should show the amount of products and cost, but this minicart doesn't update until one refreshes the whole page...
So my question is if it's possible to only update/refresh a certain <div> using JavaScript or perhaps Jquery?

Since if the page is long, with a long scroll, if you are at the bottom and add's a product to the cart and the whole page reloads, you would be at the top of the page and needed to scroll down everytime you add something to the cart...

This is where I have my "add to cart"-button
$(function() {
  $("#refreshminicart").click(function() {
     $("#divrefresher").load("sidmeny.php #minicart")
    return false;
      <!--Shopping Cart Begin-->
<form name=order action="managecart.php">
Antal: <input type=text size=2 maxlength=3 name=QUANTITY onChange='this.value=CKquantity(this.value)' value="1" /><br />
<input name="PRICE" type=hidden id="PRICE" value="">
<input name="NAME" type=hidden id="NAME" value="">
<input name="ID_NUM" type=hidden id="ID_NUM" value="">
<input name="SHIPPING" type=hidden id="SHIPPING" value="0.00">
<select name="PRODUCTSELECTOR">
<option selected name="select">Välj modell</option>
<option cost="449.00" id_num="Xp1" name="XP1" shipping="60.00">XXP1. 449,00 SEK </option>
<option cost="495" id_num="Xp2" name="XP2" shipping="60.00">XXP2. 495,00 SEK</option>
<option cost="535" id_num="Xp3" name="XP3" shipping="60.00">XXP3. 535,00 SEK</option>
<br />
<input type="image" src="http://linktopagewithpic.gif" id="refreshminicart" value='  Lägg i varukorgen  ' onClick='AddOneOfManyToCart(this.form); return false'>
      <!--Shopping Cart End  -->
And this is where I have the "Mini cart":
<div id="divrefresher">
<table class="produkttabell" style="text-align: left; width: 99%;" border="1px" cellpadding="2"
<td class="tabellrubrik" colspan="3" align="center" style="border-color:#FFF"><span style="color:#FFF"><strong>Varukorg</strong></span></td>
<a href="managecart.php" style="text-decoration:none">
<div id="minicart">
<img src="images/shoppingcart.png" height="30px" width="30px" border="0" />
  <script language="javascript">
   if ( Cart_is_empty()) {
      document.write('Varukorgen är tom.');
   } else {
      document.write('<font size ="2" color="#0000FF">');
      document.write('</font> i varukorgen.<br>');
      document.write('Summa: <font size ="2" color="#0000FF"> ');
<br />
Those are in two different pages, spinnfiske-spon.php and sidmeny.php...
"sidmeny.php" is shown in "spinnfiske-spon.php" using:
<?php require("sidmeny.php"); ?>
I know that there is other similiar questions about this around the net, but I would need a more personal/specific guiding...

I'm glad for any help I can get

Fredrik H