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Thread: Dynamic inclusion of CSS from localStorage

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    Dynamic inclusion of CSS from localStorage


    I have the text for 1..n style sheets stored in localStorage, each with their own key (i.e. each stored individually as an item in localStorage).

    I'm trying to figure out how I can add (any of) these style sheets to my page, with localStorage being the source.

    I understand how to dynamically add a <link> or <style> to the <head>. What I don't understand is how to populate the added <link> or <style> with content from localStorage.

    In the <link>, I've tried href="javascript:myFunctionToProvideText();". No joy.

    In the <style>, I've tried styleElement.innerText/innerHTML = myCSSTextFromLocalStorage. No joy.

    Any ideas?


    This project is only developing to the most recent browsers, with decent HTML5 and CSS3 support.

    I have managed to dynamically add to the page my styles from localStorage by wrapping the text in a <style> tag then appending the resulting text to the innerHTML of the body. It works in all 5 of the latest browsers. However, that's a bit hacky imo. If anyone knows how to get these styles into the <head>, I'm still interested in an answer to my original query. Cheers.
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