Hi folks.

Been out of the web design scene for a few years now, but situation arose where neighbor wanted a website built for them and i offered to help.

Got the idea of what they wanted the site to be like, nice and simple to navigate, they print business membership cards and I thought the use of a jquery slider shaped and looking like a business card for their page would be a nice idea.

So, not having coded for quite some time, not since css became the mainstream way to design a site! I downloaded a free template with the slider built in, im not to shabby at reading / amending the code how ever what I would like to know if its possible:

I have a slider with 5 sections, now 1 or 2 of these sections will be longer content wise than the allowed height currently set. Would it be possible that when a user clicks on say "services" when the tab comes across there is a vertical scroll bar on this section?

to see what i mean go to


on the latest news tab you can see the top of further content. Id like a scroll bar to show on the right hand side of the section when its loaded.

Thanks guys and girls.