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    Updating Logo

    The reason this logo( http://sheepmaster.zzl.org/Graphics_Other/logo.gif ) looks so rough is because it's a piece of 20+-year-old WordArt. I've been hoping to do a smoother rendition of it, but the only thing I know how to work with is SVG: ( http://sheepmaster.zzl.org/Graphics_Other/logo.svg ). SO, anyone know how I can make the SVG logo look like the GIF logo--once I've done that, I'll take a screenshot and work from there.

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    What image editors are you working with here?

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    Wasn't sure on the font type so I took the first one that looked close. If you know the font type, let me know.

    EDIT: I see the "s" in master is trimmed off. I can fix that. Ok, should be good.
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    updating logo

    hi guys..i've got problems with my site, can somebody help me how to update the logos?thank you in advance..

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    This one is a little tricky because so many people are used to seeing tag lines used with logos that they assume their logo must include one. The right tag line can help with your marketing if it's used correctly. But it doesn't belong in your logo.

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