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Thread: A complete graphics template painted, drawn. will it upload as a website.

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    A complete graphics template painted, drawn. will it upload as a website.

    Hi, if Ive basically done an art piece for a page template, the first page of the website, used a lot of paint blends etc, and pic drawings, all put together on one page for a webdesign without the programming code etc, and I just put the completed template into a site builder, then upload it. would this be possible, or would the art piece have created too much code.
    Or is their only code needed to upload the template and position it etc.

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    Ok, I'm going to clarify just for myself here to make sure that I understand what you're asking, so please forgive me if I seem redundant

    So you've created a file (let's just say it's a PSD file) that's the new design for the Home Page of a site you're working on. Then you want to upload it into Site Builder and have it work properly?

    If that's your question then the short answer is, no this won't work.

    The longer answer is that when you create an image or Photoshop File for a few things need to happen in order to go from design to completion. The first is what most designers refer to the "cutting" or "slicing" phase. This phase is where you actually cut apart the design into smaller pieces (and even have certain areas repeat) to make sure that the site doesn't take a lot of time to load. This also allows for sizing, spacing and other items along those lines.

    Once you slice up the image, the next step is to code it into an actual website using CSS / HTML. I would suggest looking into some basic HTML / CSS tutorials to get started on this. Hope this helps!

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