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Thread: MySQL: Getting the record number?

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    Question MySQL: Getting the record number?


    Suppose I have a query:

    SELECT * FROM users ORDER BY user_id DESC
    and this returns 300 rows.

    What I want to know is, is it possible (in MYSQL) to know whats the record number for the user_id 50?

    I know I can run a loop in my php script and start a counter and get the record number with simple if() condition, but if there are 8000 records in my table, I dont want to iterate thru all the 8000 records...hence looking for an efficient SQL Query.

    Pls Help
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    Does the table have a column for the id of each record in the table? If so, then you can just access that by querying the query (ie, SELECT * FROM [queryName] WHERE user_id = 50). Depending upon what scripting language you're using. I know it can be done in ColdFusion. Not sure about anything else.
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