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Thread: CSS3 creating buttons with gradient background not working in phone browsers

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    CSS3 creating buttons with gradient background not working in phone browsers

    I have successfully used several css3 techniques to get buttons with gradient backgrounds based on span tags with class ids etc

    However in the phone browsers the buttons are only partially filled the outline is there the text is there but the gradient background only shows uo over part of the button

    Has anyone else experienced this and found a solution

    I can post code I am using if it would help

    I have attached a screen cap from the iphone viewing the page with the issues
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    The code might help, but I have a feeling that this is a bug in the iPhone version of Safari. If the code works in the desktop version, that would go a long way toward confirming where the problem lies.
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    Looks to me like somebody simply forgot to repeat-x their background.
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