Okay so basically, I'm working on a web application that I didn't develop personally, so I'm not 100% how it's built. Parts of it are written with ActiveX, and therefore it only works in IE. I'm trying to make it cross browsercompatible through AJAX/JQuery. However the resources for ActiveX conversion seem to be few and far between.

Here's some code snippets, if anyone can provide me with a conversation, and how specifically it works, it would be much appreciated. Unfortunetly the web doesn't seem to have simple resources of converting ActiveX to JQuery/AJAX.

this.m_oXMLDOM = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM");
this.m_oDayparts = null;
this.m_oDefault = null;
this.m_oInterval = null;
this.m_aDayparts = null;
this.m_iCurrDaypart = -1;
this.m_aListeners = new Array();
this.m_strCfgFile = "";
this.m_oDaypartChanged = new cEvent();
this.m_oXMLDOM.async = false;


// public methods

loadConfig: function(strFile) {
try {
this.m_strCfgFile = strFile;

this.m_oDayparts = this.m_oXMLDOM.selectNodes("./dayparts/daypart");
this.m_oDefault = this.m_oXMLDOM.selectSingleNode("./dayparts/default");

this.m_iCurrDaypart = -1;
catch (err) {
logger.error("cDayparts.loadConfig() " + err.message);