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Thread: graphics created image wont insert into large made template in the site builder

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    graphics created image wont insert into large made template in the site builder

    Hi, thanks Major Payne. Next question is. I created a large template theme in gimp. and a few tiny images. Im in kompozer builder now, but unable to put the image onto the large template, the small image just goes either ontop, or underneath, but wont insert into the centre of the large webtemplate. The source code says <img style="width: 230px; height: 350px: alt=" src="model1.jpg"><p float:left=" align="centre"><br>
    </p> This, I keep changing the align= to top, tried bottom etc, but it wont go on the large template. I had problems in the graphics program, cause evertyime It went on the page there but not exactly where I wanted it to go, and everytime I selected it there and used persepctive or moved it, and then deleted the old image, there would be a black gap left behind, destroying the other rectangel image on the large template. so I thought Ill tryy position it in the site builder with the code.

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    Usually the template theme is the background for the body tag or the main div wrapper. Then you should be able to start adding any other content on top of the background theme.

    Using floats removes that content from the document flow and you may have to clear the float for other content. There are CSS rules for this. Most of those attributes for align are deprecated (totally wrong: float:left=" align="centre"), but I don't know what document type you are using or how HTML/CSS is being used. Maybe paste CSS/HTML here or better, URL to online page so images will work.

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