The domain for my website is (no reason to share the whole url here). I recently was contacted by a third party company to let me know that the domain was going to become available (the same as my website but without the s on kids). They told me I could make a bid and they would make an offer on the domain for me. Although I don't have much experience in this kind of thing, I don't see the reason to use a third party company and would prefer to just contact the owner myself. When I look up the domain on various whois websites, it doesn't give an email but says it belongs Profile Builder, LLC ( Profile Builder had an email to contact them on their website but it said comments were closed and when I sent a message to that email address, it got returned as undeliverable. Is anyone familiar with this company and have an idea about how to contact them? It also says on the whois websites that the expiration date is June 2012, and I can put it on backorder, but I'm not too familiar with that process. How should I go about trying to get this domain? Am I going about it all wrong? I certainly don't want to pay an exorbitant amount, but I think it might be a good idea to get control of this domain that is pretty similar to mine.