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Thread: render controls in div at run time?

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    render controls in div at run time?

    i have atext from jquery method :

    <ul id="ContentPlaceHolder2_1g" class="profList column ui-sortable">
    <legend class="group">المجموعه 1</legend>
    <li id="ContentPlaceHolder2_8">محمود حسن ابراهيم عبد الصمد</li>

    <ul id="ContentPlaceHolder2_2g" class="profList column ui-sortable">
    <legend class="group">المجموعه 2</legend>
    <li id="ContentPlaceHolder2_9">محمود فتحى ابراهيم عبد الصمد</li>
    <li id="ContentPlaceHolder2_10">احمد محسن احمد على</li>
    <li class="" style="" id="ContentPlaceHolder2_3">احمد درويش محمود عباس</li>

    <ul id="ContentPlaceHolder2_3g" class="profList column ui-sortable">
    <legend class="group">المجموعه 3</legend>
    <li id="ContentPlaceHolder2_11">محمد سيد محمد سيد</li>

    i retrieve this htmltext in variable in c# ok then i have div in my aspx

    <div id="ulAndil" runat="server" ></div>
    i want to render these html in div and loop through these controls like ul an il all this in one method at run time

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    When you say runtime what part in the life cycle do you want it to happen. Did you consider using a Repeater?
    Good Luck

    Santos Systems

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