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Thread: How do I change an embedded video within a div?

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    How do I change an embedded video within a div?

    I'm currently trying to create a gallery section for my website. I have thumbnails located in the body of the website that are setup as buttons linked to embedded videos. At the top of my page I have a div that contains an embedded video. What I would like to do is click on the thumbnails and have the embedded video change in the div with a new video - without reloading the page. Is this possible?

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    JavaScript is a wonderful thing

    HTML Code:
    <script type="text/javascript">
        function optionCheck(){
            var option = document.getElementById("options").value;
            if(option == "show"){
                document.getElementById("hiddenDiv").style.visibility ="visible";
            if(option == "goto"){
                window.location = "http://google.com";

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